Copper Tri-Peptide: Promotes Collagen Regeneration which Reduces Wrinkles and causes Skin Tightening. It has been used as a wound-healing agent since the 1970s. Its effect is to remodel the skin by clearing away damaged cells, rebuilding the skin’s circulatory system, activating the skin’s primary antioxidant protein and stimulating the production of new collagen.  As irregular skin normalizes, wrinkles decrease and skin tone is clarified.

EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor): Epidermal Growth Factor is a small polypeptide of 53 amino acids and is a cytokine or cell messenger protein that stimulates epithelial cell proliferation.  Its structure is similar to that of the human cell structure. It helps with Skin Recovery, Moisturizes, Tightens, and prevents Skin Laxity. [Montalcini won a Nobel Prize in 1986] 
It has many medical uses and more are being discovered almost daily. It is helpful for wound and burn healing and has achieved amazing cures of severe ulcerating skin diseases.  There is no doubt that topical EGF stimulates new skin growth.

Coenzyme Q10:  Possesses antioxidant properties and have been suggested for slowing down the aging process and protecting the skin against oxidative damage by free radicals. Creams and serums containing CoQ10 are believed to prevent skin wrinkles and reverse photo-damage caused by UV ray exposure.

Placental Protein: Rich in nutrients, amino acids and growth factor, Placental Protein is beyond just skin-whitening. It stimulates skin cell renewal to revitalize the skin. It also visibly reduces and fights the unsightly signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.  Dermalpure uses lab engineered, synthetic proteins.

Vitamin C Derivative: It promotes rapid healing of wounds and damage made by diseases associated with old age. The lone nutrient that prompts our bodies to produce and synthesize
collagen is Vitamin C.