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SolisPro System


Cool Intelligent Pulsed Light (CIPL) can simultaneously treat a wide range of facial blemishes safely and effectively, such as broken capillaries, benign brown pigment, age spots, sun-induced freckles, mottled pigmentation and hair removal. It is effective on almost any area of the body for providing smoother, younger looking, hair free skin. This is a very low risk, nearly pain free no down time treatment.

     The system is equipped with an Industry Leading Integrated Contact Cooling System to minimize pain and discomfort. The system has a safety precaution built into the handpiece that will not allow the treatment to begin until the skin has cooled to the specified temperature. This is extreamly important for providing safe and effective treatments.

     The system is comprised of modules for easy depot servicing. With easily replaceable modules, the SolisPro CIPL allows you to quickly address any problem with very little down time. The system provides colour on screen instructions on how to remove and replace the modules. Should you have any questions CMed Technologies highly trained technical support team can assist you.

     The SolisPro CIPL can treat a variety of conditions and provide the most popular services available. The SolisPro CIPL can safely and effectively treat facial blemishes such as broken capillaries, benign brown pigment, age-spots, sun-induced freckles and mottled pigmentation with no down time. It can also provide the most popular treatments such as Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation, Photo Facial and Acne as well as Vascular Lesions and Large Pores.

     The SolisPro CIPL comes with pre-determined treatment parameters for simplified operation and with the extended programming options, the SolisPro CIPL will allow you to program and save treatment parameters for quick setup of your most common treatments.

     The SolisPro CIPL is one of the few systems that allows two handpieces to be connected to the system at one time. This makes switching between the active handpiece a very simple process. Switching the active handpiece requires only a simple onscreen command.