SolisPro CIPL System


What is CIPL (Cool Intelligent Pulsed Light)?

Cool Intelligent Pulsed Light (CIPL) can simulatneously treat a wide range of facial blemishes safely and effectively, such as broken capillaries, benign brown pigment, age spots, sun-induced freckles, mottled pigmentation and hair removal. It is effective on almost any area of the body for smoother, younger-looking, hair-free skin. This is a very low risk, nearly pain free no down time treatment.

     Advantages of the SolisPro CIPL

  • Intelligent Contact Cooling System to minimize pain and discomfort. This increases the safety of treatment by only emitting a pulse when the specified skin temperature is sensed through the handpiece sapphire filter.

  • Excellent in Post Sales Service; Fully modular systems for easy Depot Servicing.

  • Pre-determined parameters for simplified operation; The parameters are stored depending upon treatment required and skin type. Parameters can also be customized.

  • Integrated sapphire handpiece filter enhances the effect of the cooling and reduces the energy loss of each pulse.

  • Switching between the handpieces is very easy. With the two handpieces connected at one time, switching the active handpiece requires only a simple on screen command.