Technical Specifications
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Laser Parameters
Laser Medium Nd:YAG

Operating Parameters Q-switched
Frequency Doubled
Quasi-Long Pulse

Energy at end of Handpiece
    Q-switched 1064nm (TH)PTP_ON 1.6 Joule

PTP_OFF 1.2 Joule

1064nm (G) 1.5 Joule

532nm (TH) 500 mjoule

    Quasi-Long Pulse 1064nm 3.5 Joule

Pulse Width
    Q-Switched 5 – 10 ns
    Quasi-Long Pulse 300 µs

Treatment Repetition Rate SS(Single Shot), 1 – 20 pulses per second (Hertz)

Beam Profile True Flat-Top

Energy Calibration External

Aiming Beam Diode 655 nm (Red), 1MW, Adjustable levels

Spot Size (Auto Detect) Zoom Hand Piece (2 – 10 mm)Collimated Hand Piece (6mm)

Fractional Hand Piece (5mm x 5mm)

Physical Parameters
Electrical 220 V, Single Phase, 50/60Hz, 15 Amps at 220V AC

Weight 110 Kg

Dimensions (W×D×H) 954 nm(H) × 400 nm(W) × 950 nm(L) without articulated arm

Beam Delivery Articulated arm with up to 240 cm reach, 7-joint, 360° rotation

Cooling closed cycle water to air heat exchanger